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KIC is an independent agency specialized to the apparel industry. With 25 years of experience in the international textile and garment industry, KIC applies simple, effective and proven methods. KIC

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Due to the speed of innovations, garment producers find it difficult to keep up and remain competitive. Changes affect not only the sourcing and production area but also the relationship

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In today’s market, businesses are striving to find ways to become more competitive, more cost effective and to improve margins. KIC provides you with tailor made, one-stop, hands on services


More than ever the industry requires leaders who can adapt to change and understand how to deal with all innovations and global pressure.

Interim Management

Whether you should hire an interim manager or an interim consultant depends on the way in which you need assistance.

Global Network

Through our global network we can offer you our services in almost every country, with a detailed knowledge and understanding of local ways in doing business.

Creating value

Manufacturers  Accounts of the relationship between manufacturers and their clients are mostly based on the power balance between them.

Strategic Sourcing

Wholesale, Distributors &  End-users Most brand owners and private label distributors use EU companies – as intermediates – to produce their articles in developing countries.

Mix & Match

Producers want to exit the CMT squeeze by adding more value to their products meanwhile wholesalers,  distributors and end users are looking to  decrease costs.


Coaching and training are often used interchangeably that may lead to confusion. Training is about transferring knowledge and coaching is about enhancing knowledge (or skills).

Tender services

A tender is a chance to show why you can do the job better than your competitor. But many tenders are suffering small mistakes that are easy to avoid and

Make my garment

Whether you need a special outfit for the occasion or you want to start a new line of clothing’s; finding the right factory is essential . Having the perfect idea